Monday, November 14, 2011

Student Pattern Reflections on Community

In the past few weeks I have been working with the 6th Grade Students of Renaissance Academy in Alum Rock, San Jose, California. Renaissance Academy Art Instructor, Jesus Guerra, has been very generous in coordinating the class workshops times and in assisting with the computer art lab set up in his room for the digital pattern workshops. The students explored the visual identity of their local community in hand drawn radial pattern designs as well as in digital patterns created in Repper Pro photos they took of their community.

The resulting patterns will be added to the Slot Shelters project in both the library of card patterns for download and as pattern surface textures in Google SketchUp. The most exciting application of the student work is that a selection of these Renaissance student designs may be integrated in some format into the hardscape design of freeway exchange at 101 Tully and 101 Capitol Expressway. This landscape/construction project by the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of San Jose, the VTA and HMH will be completed in April 2012.

This project was made possible by a generous loan of laptop computers by the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College.
Below are a sampling of the student designs. Student statements about each pattern will accompany the designs.

This photo is of onions on a grill.
This represents my community because when you pass by any market or home it is always the smell of carne and onions.

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