Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gaming Project

I am working with the Euphrat Museum's Arts & Schools Program in designing a game board activity. This project will be conducted at a community fair and participants will be invited to go across the street and do an extension activity at the Euphart Museum (making dice).

I thought a big sign would help attract visitors to our table. A chess horse seemed a clear reference to gaming. Luckily for me, my dad was in town this past weekend and helped me on this sculptural sign...actually he kind of took over this creation and I am so thrilled with it! It certainly would not have looked this good if I did it all. I budgeted 3 hrs. The total hours ended up being 7 hrs. My children had so much fun getting inside it and hopping around.
Below is rough concept for the gameboard which the children will assemble. The gameboard will consist of two mat boards hinged together in the middle with tape. The edges of the board will be extended with tape. These edges will be hole punched and stung to make handles. I will be thinking next on guidelines for what the theme of the children invented games will be:
Add ImageThe Bridges Conference 2010 in Hungary had an interesting game artist exhibiting artists Olivier Perriquet & Lou Galopa's game board participatory art.
Below: My Fourth grader's sketch ideas for the large chess piece (the final one you can get inside as well) My first grader took a video of the creation of the cardboard horse in process. Here is the video above.Below: Her sketch ideas for the chess piece design.
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