Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Show of Pies

I am honored to be participating in a November show celebrating artist Flo Oy Wong's 75th birthday at the  Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. The theme of the show is pies (she has invited 75 artists to create art pies!) Here are process images of the one I created to honor my great great grandmother who journeyed from Ireland as a child lacemaker and came to to the United States via the Port of New Orleans. She worked in the textile mills of Tennessee until her 90s. She made perfect pies and corn bread in the wood burning stove and was able to gauge the heat by holding her hands over the oven. The pie I made is made of wire, silks, muslin, tea stained lace, photo transfer (of Irish garden door in Galway), thimbles, buttons and pearls.