Friday, August 12, 2011

Wing Luke Museum Call for Artists

I wanted to share this interesting gaming/art exhibit opportunity:
Asian American Arcade
The Wing Luke Museum's call for entries is due September 30th, 2011.
One artist who came to mind is Michelle Higa. I think her work is very interesting.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ATC Cards Using Swap-Bot

I am excited to participate in my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) project. The project is designed by Arts Educator Nic Hahn in Minnesota. I have been follow her blog after seeing this video announcement of her Swap-bot/ATC project:

She created a second mini-trade which I am participating in. The theme is "What I did this summer." Below are both sides of my first ATC card. The side on the left includes a QR code linking to some images and info about an exhibit at a Museum I visited in Seattle. (check out the amazing QR codes you can make with Microsoft Tag!) This card is made from a Japanese candy box, Chinese preserved fruit wrapper and chopstick wrapper. I visited Seattle a few weeks ago for the Microsoft Innovative Educator Forum and I visited the Space Needle (that's what the thing on the right is supposed to be) and the Wing Luke Museum which focuses on the Asian Pacific American Experience. Below is a detailed image of the QR code I created which links to an exhibit page at the Wing Luke Museum: . The QR image was created from an image I found on flickr with a creative commons attribution licensing from the amazing graphic and illustration resource site 50 Watt. more images here:
Below, my first MicrosoftTag QR code image:Add Image