Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sashiko Stitching continued...sashiko artist reaches out

I love having a blog as sometimes people contact me through it who have really wonderful art to share. Sylvia Pippen of Sylvia Pipen Designs commented on an older posting on my exploration into sashiko stitching. I just looked at her website. Wow!! Her work is truly amazing and inspiring and I greatly appreciate her gift in taking an old tradition and giving it a modern twist through her own artistic perspective and techniques. I will be studying her site for a while and hope to take a workshop from her sometime.
Below: Quilt creations by Sylvia Pipen.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Furoshiki Security Check Series

Banned from Travel

I am exploring creating furoshiki that reflects on modern airplane travel. Furoshiki are eco-friendly traditional Japanese cloth wraps from an era when traveling was simpler. I painted the objects with gauche and then scanned them. I wanted a hand drawn feel to the textiles patterns.
Click on above image to see it as a Spoonflower fabric.

The design features banned items such as scissors, needles, nail clippers, cigarette lighters, and oddly, snow globes.Below: the fabric wrapping a package as a furoshiki.

Below: A design showing bins at security check with shoes and other items in them on the way to the scanner. Click on image below to see it as a spoonflower fabric.

Airport Screening