Monday, January 20, 2014

Picnic Tablecloth Capturing Design Process

I am wrapping up the public 3D printing workshops for the Serving of Shapes 3D art installation at the de Saisset Museum. To capture the public's design exploration and design process, I scanned all the workshop sketches and 3D designs created in Tinkercad and SketchUp and have created patterns to print as tablecloths and display in the gallery along side the 3D printed objects. Below are some details of the tablecloths.
Digital sketch of installation

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Video Sampling for Serving of Shapes Workshop

In a week, A Serving of Shapes 3D design and printing workshops will begin at the de Saisset Museum. In the gallery space we will have two wall mounted screens playing video. This above video is a test sample of what I will have playing in the gallery during the workshops on one of the screens. I will also create a video of the participants design process. These videos will playing in the gallery during the exhibition period.

In this test, the sound recording includes audio I recorded at Lower Silver Creek in Mayfair, San Jose. It also includes snippets of interviews with local San Jose residents who remember when the area was full of orchards. Also included is the rustling of acorns from the Sip. Do not Gulp installation in the neighboring gallery.

I am grateful to the additional funding we received from an Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts Grants to support extension workshops and exhibitions in East San Jose at the Mayfair Community Center and at the Dr. Roberto Cruz Library.