Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seeking Shelter Installation Construction

This week I have been working with my father and children in constructing the Seeking Shelter installation for the ZERO1 Biennial. My father took my design sketches and has created the components that will come together to form the bus stop shelter. It has become a family affair with my children and dad helping.

My father testing out the layout of the roof attachments temporarily on short lengths of tubes. The final pillars will be 8 ft tall sonotubes generously donated by Pacific Paper Tube Inc.

Cole and my father work on designing connection points of pillars to roof.
Measuring for polygal walls.
Emily and my father priming part of the roof structure.
Emily and I are priming roof component.
David Okada cutting the base of the bus shelter.
The base of bus shelter is beginning to take shape. The base will be assembled from three panels that connect to each other with pop out pin hinges. These initial construction came together seamlessly due to my father's great planning and labeling of the parts which he hauled up to San Jose from his L.A. workshop. In a few weeks we will continue priming all the components and paint the final colors. I also hope to be getting polygal plastic for the walls of the structure.

One wall of the bus stop shelter will be an interactive surface projection using a wii remote interactive surface set up. Another wall of the shelters will invite visitors to add laser cut vinyl window decals. Another wall will have a hanging garden that is similar to this design of a hanging water bottle garden. All of these activities are to inspire youth to envision ideas for their creations for the Seeking Shelter Youth Design Challenge.
Cole creating a water bottle planter. Rows of these will be hung in rows from the outside of the shelter on one wall. We are planting mint, lettuce and some other plants.