Monday, August 3, 2009

Final Animation Camp Screening

This morning we had the screening of all four of the summer camp animations. I am having difficulty posting the final flash animations on the blog, perhaps the sizes are too big. At any rate, I have posted the final animations on my YouTube site.

Here is the Vanity Animation:

Here is the Teamwork Animation:

Here is the Funny Crazy Animation:

Here is the Discoveries in the Garden Animation:

We were very fortunate to have Raquel Coelho as a guest speaker. Ms. Coelho is an Animation professor at San Jose State University and has worked at many animation house in The San Francisco Bay Area. She shared her puppet making process with the children and parents. She was a wonderfully engaging speaker and she had a lot of materials to share.

Below: Some of the puppet making materials Raquel brought in.

Below: Puppet figure from one of her books.

Raquel also brought some of her beautifully illustrate
d children books from Brazil. The illustrations were photos of lovely shadow boxes depicting in puppets the history of theater from around the world. For the conclusion she shared with us a wonderful short animation she worked on called Moon Girl. Below: Raquel brought in one of her shadow box pieces. This one depicts the famous photographer Eadweard Muybridge.



  1. Wonderful Corey. What a great experience for our children (and us). Thank you!