Friday, November 27, 2009

Serentripity Workshop at The Asian Art Museum

A few weeks ago I conducted a craft workshop for Serentripity Learning Vacations at The San Francisco Asian Art Museum. My workshop was part of a series of activities including furoshiki gift wrapping, Japanese teas and snacks and a tour of the Japanese exhibits. Here are a few images of the day.
Introductions by Katherine Relf-Kanas of Serentripity.

The day started with a presentation by A local company that sells and promotes furoshiki craft.

An interesting side note: The Japanese Ministry of Environment began a campaign in 2006 to promote the furoshiki as a conservation alternative to plastic bags. It has posted a furoshiki diagram that shows how to wrap objects of different shapes. This is such a nice development as modern Japanese packaging has tended to be plastic happy....wrapping food items in many layers of plastic within plastic within plastic. More info is here at the Japanese government website.

Below: Snack break! Delicious chibi taiyaki snacks provided by Sweet Breams of San Mateo.

I then conducted a three hour Japanese purse making workshop. There was a tour of the Japanese collection to break things up and our docent also brought in her own collection of unique Japanese textiles.

Below: some of our supplies: Sushi grass try for bottom of purse, plastic sushi grass, Photoshop created iron ons. Participated sewed onto strips of Filipino noodle flour bag canvas.

Below: A workshop participant working on sashiko detailing. I get my sashiko supplies at Eddie's Quilting Bee.

Hard at work.

Completed purses.


  1. Corrine- I finally got around to looking at your fascinating and beautiful work! This project was very much fun - my daughter loved her new purse and was amazed to learn that each component had a story behind it. You are an amazing artist!


  2. Thanks, Esme!
    It was really fun meeting you in the workshop. I loved the purse you created. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work online.