Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Valentine

Here is a Valentine centerpiece idea that uses recycled tea bags. A friend gave me a bunch of these tea pouches and I realized that they would make nice hearts for Valentine's Day. I used string covered floral wire for the stem.

The paper tea tags make cute butterflies:

Step 1: fold a tea bag cover in half.

Step 2: trace half a heart onto teabag cover.

Step 3: Cut out folded heart.

Here is one my daughter cut out. If you keep part of the sides and bottom intact, the two sides of the valentine will hold together and need no glue. The floral wire can slip through the sides of the heart and twist around the base of the heart to hold the heart in place.

Above: V
alentine helper
Below: A bit of produce netting and a few floral leaves fill out the arrangement. The stems are taped to the bottom of the vase and a thin layer of rice is on top.

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  1. yay! I love that you gave ideas on what to do with the tea bags. I've been saving them as well. i cut them into squares and made some geometric origami ornaments out of them for i can use them for the next holiday - thanks!