Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paint Chip Bats

Above: Still from Sherwin Williams animated color chip ad.

I have long use paint chips to teach value and hue to students so when I saw the Sherwin-Williams Paint Chip animated paint chip ads I knew there was a great jumping off point for a lesson plan. Here are the two animations

In this Kinder lesson students will learn: to trace around shapes and cut out, will learn about value and hue, will make their own bat paint chip collages.

Materials: pencils, scissors three different hued paint chip swatches per child, glue, hole punch and string if you want to hang (If you hang, I would glue a button to bottom left corner to counter the weight of the tree branches on the other side).

Resources: The Sherwin Williams ads (link above) and Jeff Wilson's Paint Chip Collage 2, Arlington Public Library. hue, value, collage

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