Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scavanger Artists with a Message

In the last few days I have received emails from my dad and a friend sharing with me several amazing artists who use repurposed materials. Artist and educator Victor Kobayashi was featured in the Hawaii Star Advertiser. He makes beautiful mosaic ceramic art incorporating found objects. His works are at the Koa Gallery in Honolulu. The Koa Gallery is honoring Kobayashi with the 2011 KOA Award, a lifetime achievement honor for dedication to the arts. The award is accompanied by an exhibition; Kobayashi's "New Alchemy, Zen & Art" is showing at the gallery through April 14.

The National Parks Traveler featured the work of Richard James who has collected discarded bottles along the shore at Point Reyes and had created a dramatic site specific installation with them. More images of these bottles are at Donald Kinney's blog.


  1. Well what a surprise, Corinne -- I was curious who was the latest "follower" of my blog, and found the nice link to the big bottle post.
    But thank you VERY much because now I know the name of the artist -- Richard James. I suppose I could have asked around downtown in Point Reyes Station, but thanks for the information.

    And oh, by the way, I enjoyed your posts of the arts and crafts college. Ever hear of a product named Versatex Textile Paint? Well, I worked as a formulator for the company that manufactured that product, roughly from 1970 through 1985.

  2. I saw those bottle sculptures in Point Reyes just a few weeks ago but had no idea what they represented. Will have to slow down if I'm up there again and take a closer look.

  3. Stacie, I hope to see these bottles, soon, too!

    Humm, regarding Versatex Textile paint, Yes, I have heard of it and believe I used it years ago in a project with youth. It had great colors.