Thursday, April 14, 2011

Montalvo Art Splash Installation

Today I spent a few hours with installer Dan of Montalvo Arts Center putting up the Cureton Elementary student textile works. The student work is in the Artist Residency Knight Commons above. The wisteria is in full bloom and smells wonderful! I cannot wait for the students to see their fabrics hanging in this beautiful space. I will also have a video of the art running on the TV in the Residency Commons. The students will be teaching a workshop on radial pattern design on Saturday for the Art Splash Student Showcase. They will be conducting this workshop across from the residency in the new Creekside Studio space area. This is a special place to be situated as we will be enacting the space for the first time, basically initiating the space and area for much art programming to come in that spot.


  1. AWESOME!!! It's so beautiful. The students and their families will love this! Thank you.

  2. SO COOL! Found this looking for Montalvo images at work today, how fun to find you there!