Monday, June 27, 2011

Barcodes and Sites

A month or so ago someone mentioned to me that you can create a weblinked barcode that is scanable by a mobile phone. I have created one at Mobile Barcode Link Generator and have pasted it here to see if it works.
This one below goes to my artist website. My husband tested it out with the free iPhone QR code reader app NeoReader : and it worked fine. I would love to put QR codes on each of the Slot Shelter cards and have each QR code link to a webpage with info and video explaining the content behind the card design.
I am stewing on idea on how to integrate this technique into art installations that have both physical and web based components.

Below is a barcode I will be using in fliers for stores and telephone poles explaining a street banner project. This code links to the project site:

Along the same thread of thought on barcodes, a year ago I was exploring and found this site: which creates beautiful graphical displays about product manufacturing from info on barcode.


  1. My husband and I are playing with using QR code in our classroom too. I can't wait to see where it takes us. He is a shop teacher and I'm an art teacher. I see that you are working on joining Swap-bot. I look forward to working with you there. You have a great site and I see a lot of wonderful ideas here.

  2. Thanks, Ms. Hahn,

    Yes, there is some cool stuff being done with bar codes. I did a google search on "gorilla art QR codes" and some interesting explorations by artists came up.
    I love your site! I will be spending some time delving into your postings. Please share with me the QR work you and your husband do in your classes and personal art. I am very excited about your Swap-bot project and am excited to engage students in ATC projects.

  3. I like the thought of using the QR with the ATC. Good thinking and I'm glad to hear you are participating in the Swap:)