Friday, September 30, 2011

Krause Center for Innovation Textile Show Continued

Today I completed the installation of the You Are Here Street Banner Project in the KCI Art Gallery.

Below is a Photosynth of the installation components in the middle of the gallery. These are digital textiles of the initial explorations in radial pattern design which the San Jose and Hawaii students created. On this webpage is the lesson as a video (towards the middle of the page) and as embedded Scribd worksheets (at the bottom).
These fabrics reflecting on community are grouped into two islands reaching out to each other:

I am so very grateful to the Krause Center for Innovation for investing in my technology training as an educator. The depth and reach of my work with youth has been transformed by my experience in the KCI Merit Scholar Program. Many doors besides these gallery doors have been so graciously and generously opened for me by KCI.

Below is another Photosynth of the entire gallery space showing two street banners and digital prints of the student street banners. There are 17 designs in all. 17 additional full scale street banners hang along Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose, CA.

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