Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seeking Shelter Installation

Day view of structure. Vinyl decals are added by public. These decals are silhouetted shapes are designed by local 5th-6th grade students. The installation will have many decals of different sizes to add.
Night view with structure lit up
Another concept sketch

Working on refining sketches for the Seeking Shelter installation for the ZERO1 Biennial in September. I will be working with polygal, cardboard tubes, pvc tubes, wire, small concrete pours and window screen netting. Visitors will attach vinyl decals (designed by local elementary school students) to the walls. One wall will be a wii interactive surface. More to come.

These colors in the sketch are just to give form to the sketch. The Polygal sample I have is translucent white but I may be getting it in different colors. Will see. I need to now make a scale model. The final piece will be around 4' x 8' x 9'.

A Seeking Shelter youth design challenge will be hosted at the Slot Shelters website and will launch with the ZERO1 Biennial. The challenge invites youth to design innovative bus shelters addressing local needs. More info on the Seeking Shelter Design Challenge is here at this google presentation doc.

As of yesterday, these professionals have agreed to be judges of the Seeking Shelter youth design challenge:

1.       Michael Dudley, professor of architecture, the Royal University College of Art, Stockholm, Sweden
2.       Adam Royalty, Lead Research Investigator at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the
3.       John Locke (New York architect)
4.       Margaret Simmons-Cross,  VTA Highway Project Manager

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