Monday, October 28, 2013

Tablecloth Capturing 3Design Explorations

For an upcoming show at the de Saisset Museum, I will be designing a tablecloth integrating workshop participants 3D designs and digital sketches. Above is a concept sketch. The show is focused on Silicon Valley's history as an agricultural center and its transformation from the Valley of Heart's Delight to Silicon Valley. The workshops will engage the public in creating 3D objects reflecting on Silicon Valley's agricultural past and technology infused present.  Here is the museum's description of the installation: A Serving of Shapes: An exploration in 3D Printing

We will be using TinkerCad and we will project onto walls workshop participants designs as they are being created. Visitors can create their designs from scratch or they can use a library of 3D shapes I create as starting points in their designs. I will create 10 or so 3D objects: acorn, canning equipment tools, farming implements, fruits, vegetables, bees, sun hats worn by farm workers, etc. Each object will be accompanied by a bit of text explaining how it is relevant to the areas agricultural history.

A selection of participants' 3D designs will be printed by the Santa Clara Engineering Department's Makerlab on their 3D printers. These 3D printed objects will be displayed alongside the tablecloth in the de Saisset Gallery.

Additionally, we are applying for an Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts Grant to support two additional workshops in the communities of Alum Rock and Mayfair. The 3D objects designed by the public in these workshops will be printed on the 3D Afinia printer I am purchasing.

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