Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TEDx Livermore 2014

I had the privilege of giving a TEDx presentation this past Saturday at the TEDx Livermore conference. I met amazingly creative innovators with whom I was so honored to speak. The individual speaker videos will be posted soon to the TEDx Youtube site, but for now, the TEDx Livermore livestream videos are online and mine is in Session 4 at timemark 52:43

Presenting "Where Are We? Who Are We? Finding Our Roots and Identity in Public Art"

After event with speaker Catherine Ndungu-Case.

With my sister, Lisa.

At very end of day!
I also had a gallery installation during the event. Here are a few images of that installation. It was wonderful to have my sister with me there to calm my nerves and to help me install my work. The above is a view of gallery from outside

Noodle Sipper, San Jose Japantown Mural Project panel

3D printed designs for Serving of Shapes project with the de Saisset Museum

3D printed netsuke from the Mobile Maker Cart that went out into San Jose's Japantown

Serving of Shapes panel and 3D printed bees.

1942 Shoe sculpture, Digitally printed fabric and artifacts from Japantown San Jose.
Fun designs created by my sister Lisa in the workshops during the breaks between sessions. These workshops were designed by speaker Todd Johnston.

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  1. Love it! SO exciting to see you doing so well!!