Friday, June 27, 2008

Sound Recording

Today the children did all the sound recording for the animation. They recorded their voices, music (piano and guitar) and special sound effects (using pots, straws and plastic bags). First I had them create their snoring sounds and other sounds such as growling for the nightmare creatures. We used a cheap $15 mike from Frys and the freeware, Audacity, for the sound editor. I set up the "sound stage" in the kitchen. It was a good spot as all the props we needed were handy.
The children referred to their storyboard to figure out what sounds they needed.
Below, Brittany created a belching sound using a straw. This was a hit. Needless to say, many of the other children asked for straws later. Brittany also recorded her voice for her characters and a few piano pieces.

Using this pot (I am embarrassed to say it was an unclean pot), Edward created the sound of his window popping into view in his dream sequence. He also recorded his voice for his clay character and played a few pieces on the piano to include.

Mitchell's clay character does a lot of running in his nightmare (in fact, he runs away from the monster through sets of all four seasons!) . So we recorded quick steps and slow steps. Mitchell also recorded a few pieces on the piano to include as background music.

Always knowing exactly what she wants, Cassie needed the sound of an alarm clock so she decided to record both the microwave timer and the stove beeper. She will blend them together for her animation for the just right sound she is imagining. She also recorded the most convincing snore and created her own music by playing only one note on the keyboard and spinning the sound dial.

Cole, the ham, recorded no voice for his character other than snoring. His monster creature does not talk, but he recorded himself on guitar playing the melody of Clock by Coldplay for the background music.

Little Emily recorded herself telling the whole story of her dream sequence. She has such a small cartoon voice and I can't wait for her to add it to her animation. She also recorded herself playing something on the piano.

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