Thursday, July 3, 2008

Neuron Kimono Commission

This week was a break from the animation project as I have a commission from a gallery in Boston to create a five foot tall wire, fabric and food wrapper kimono for a pediatric neurological center. The first step is to draw the sketch on a piece of cardboard. I get the cardboard free from a bicycle shop near by. I then twist magnet wire with a drill and form the wire to the cardboard template.

After the wire is formed to the pattern, I transfer the piece to a large stand that my dad made for me for such projects. I then start to sew waste canvas to the areas that will be covered in solid silk.

Next, I add wrappers and manga to the swooping wave forms. I am using a new glue, PVA by Lineco ( After the glue dries I apply a polymer UV glaze.

Today, I added the solid areas of silk by hand stitching it over the waste canvas. This evening I started the neuron elements and tomorrow I will press recycled paper to cover these elements.

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