Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bus Wraps of Seeking Shelter Design Challenge

There may be an opportunity to create bus wraps with the 01 Art & Technology Network and the Santa Clara VTA to promote the Seeking Shelter Design Challenge. Above is my first concept sketch for these. It includes patterns created by 6th grade students in Alum Rock, San Jose and 5th grade students in Cupertino California. The idea is that there would be multiple buses with these wraps and each bus would feature different student patterns and bus shelter designs. QR codes would link to project site where the student statements on their patterns and structures could be read.

Currently, innovative bus shelter design is being explored by many urban planners and I want to engage youth in this conversation of how can a bus shelter become community hub of a different sort. Two days ago I brought slot cards into four Fifth Grade classes of 33 and we explored making bus shelter models in groups. We discussed working with plane geometry shapes and creating solid geometry forms We discussed the designers Ray and Charles Eames and discussed personal space/public space in the context of a brainstorm on built structures in our communities. We then compared and contrasted with the brainstorming done by students in Azerbaijan on the same topic.

Next students will discuss patterns in Voicethread with students in other States and students will create bus shelters in Google SkechUp and share designs to a Google SketchUp Warehouse collection.

If bus wraps are made, they would be coordinated with the launch of the Design Challenge which would invite more schools to participate in the Slot Shelters project this coming academic year.

If you are an arts educator interested in this project please visit the Slot Shelters site to get a feel for the project and then fill out the Google Doc form below.

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