Monday, September 16, 2013

Butterflies for Mayo Clinic

Sketches were recently approved for the creation of two large butterfly sculpture for the Pediatric Cancer Care Clinic at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The butterfly colors will harmonize with the carpet and furniture of the waiting area. The butterfly on the left is an interpretation of a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and the one on the right is an interpretation of a Gray Comma. Both are found in Minnesota.

I am currently working on the wire forms for these pieces. The process begins with twisting magnet wire with electrician wire twisters and then bending this twisted wire into shape against large sketches drawn on bicycle box panels. When the wire forms are completed, they are removed from the cardboard box panels and the fabric and papers are glued and stitched on. The last stage is the application of a two part surfboard epoxy resin.

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  1. These are wonderful. If you come to Rochester, please let me know. My parents work 10 minutes from Roch and I would go visit them and love to meet up with you. VERY cool works!

    Nic Hahn