Monday, September 16, 2013

Progress Made on Freeway Overpass Art

Last Tuesday I visited a Santa Clara Valley Transit Yard to see the test pours of student pattern designs which will be used on the freeway overpass of Tully and 101 in San Jose. It was very exciting to see the art brought to life at this scale and it will be wonderful to see the final pours done on site at the freeway pedestrian and bike overpass.

In addition to the student patterns on the walls of the overpass, there will be student patterns showcased on the laser cut steel panels on the entry pillars to the bridge. Below are images of one of the three panel designs. The final panels will be powder coated with color. Past postings on this project can be seen here: Student Pattern Reflections on Community and here: Student Patterns for Freeway. 

Some of the digital photo patterns students created were integrated as large window decals for a conceptual bus stop shelter for the 2012 Zero1 Biennial.

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