Thursday, April 17, 2014

Netsuke 3D printing with a mobile maker cart

On April 27th we will be bringing a 3D printing mobile maker cart to Japantown in San Jose and setting up next to Roy's Station on 5th and Jackson. We will be 3D printing small objects, Japanese netsuke, for the public (free). A laptop will also be set up for visitors who wish to explore designing their own netsuke in Tinkercad. Here is a past blog posting on this project.
Cherry blossom design created in Tinkercad.
Mouse netsuke created and shared in Tinkercad.
Sketch for the pop up event's T-shirt design. by Cole (14 yrs old)
With the help of Melinda Po, I conducted a trial run of printing from the cupcake maker cart on site in Japantown, San Jose.
Glow in the dark cherry blossom printed from maker cart.

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