Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Additional Tapestry designs

Today I worked on these additional tapestry concept designs as well as the list of hats that will separate off of them.

This above piece is inspired by the bridal butterfly obi tie and the swoops of forms in the gardens.

This piece above is inspired by an abstract butterfly wing textile in the de Young online collection as well as by hanagasa hair ornaments.

This tapestry is inspired by ferns at the de Young, by a textile in de Young online collection as well as by Japanese festival and work hats. I haven't refined completely the hat designs here. Inserted reference fern image above is titled "Tuck and Roll" by Jenna Louise

Here are the cocktail hats that will pull off from the tapestries. 16 in all.
The hat sketch below may be one of the designs used in the round hat tapestry.

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