Monday, August 11, 2008

Beginning Ginko Tapestry

I have started the wire form for the Ginko Tapestry. This piece is inspired by the outdoor lighting at the de Young, by a Japanese textile in their collection and by the ginko plants on the grounds. I started the piece by printing out a pattern tile I created in the software, Illustrator. This I glued on to cardboard (a piece of cer
eal box). I drew a grid on a large sheet of bicycle box and followed the grid as I traced around the pattern tile.

Below is the start of the grid that I drew on the bicycle box. I like to use different colors for different parts of the grid. This is easier on my eyes to follow the correct lines later with my wire wor

Below is the start of the wire work. I punch holes through the cardboard and tie down the twisted wire with thin floral wire to keep the wire forms in place.

Final grid form still attached to cardboard.

Grid form removed from cardboard. Wire form of light structure added and waste canvas sewn over it to add structure. On top of this waste canvas the silk will be sewn. I actually reworked this question mark form a bit after this picture was taken. Final for is a little different.

Below I have started a ginko leaf form based on my computer sketch. So super low tech... cardboard again with a sketch and twisted wire taped down.

Below, the ginko leaf removed from the cardboard. It will be covered in a skin of Chinese and Japanese food wrappers and then glazed. Final layer will be a sheer silk. These leaves will detach to become hats.

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  1. I am making a sweater with the same tessalated blocks!

    Iris and I enjoyed meeting you at the artist in residence workshop.