Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I stopped by Ikea the other day to get a storage unit for art supplies and of course ended up leaving with a lot of other stuff. I found awesome lighting options for my stop motion work! I was almost jumping up and down. I am sure I was talking out loud to myself when I was investigating these lights. Anyway, just had to blog about them. First, I found these flat lights that are meat to attach on cabinet shelves to light up glasses etc. I think they will be great to stick on the floor, walls and inside objects of the sets to create just the right lighting. They aren't too hot and we will be able to place colored gels over them to create differnent lighting effects. I like it that they are really flat and have long cords and don't emit a ton on heat. Perfect! These are called Dioder and cost $40.00 for a set of four. I'll post later on how they actually work in the sets.

The second light (I bought two of these) is a long necked small lamp. I love it that the neck is really long and adjustable. The light can be a small spot light on our small set. Again, not too hot. We can place colored gels over it as well as black foil tent the light. This light is called Jansjo and cost $40.00 as well. I like both type of lights also because of their size and weight. If I am to bring these into schools and set up, these are very conveinent. Again, I'll have to really see how they work on our set, but I anticipate it will go well. All I need to get now is the big while foam sheet to angle at a 45 degree angle above the set to create the bounce light. I have a few other large lights on stands that we will also use.

I also got a small table at Ikea. $12.00. We will use this as the stage table. I got it because it is made of press board so it will be easy to drill into. It is super light so I wil have to devise a set up so that it is weighted not to move. But it is so cheap that I can drill and customize it without concern for messing it up. Again, if it works well, it will be great for my traveling animation workshop set up.

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