Friday, February 6, 2009

Stop Motion Animation Classes 2009

I will be teaching stop motion animation to kids this summer in prep for classes I teach at public schools next year. The theme is "Thinking Outside The Box". Each child will be encouraged to explore his/her creativity as to the meaning of this phrase after hearing legends about magical boxes from three different cultures: Pandora's Box (Greek), Raven and Seagull (Nootka, British Colombia), and Anansi and The Box of Stories (West African).

I just started a fundraiser for the materials and tools I'll need on Fundable. Fundable is a great fundraising website and I got my digital LCD projector using them last year. The projector really has helped me teach more effectively in the classroom and cafeteria. Here is the link if you are curious and would like to pitch in.

Here is the last kids animation I conducted last summer:

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