Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top Hat Workshop

I will be conducting another hat making workshop at the de Young for their Friday Night event on March 13th. I did the same workshop last month and it was really fun. We used wallpaper sample sheets, buttons, ribbons and recycled produce netting. I got a lot of the supplies at SCRAP in San Francisco. Here are some images of my children in the top hat design.

The templates and instructions for this project are on my website.

Instructions and templates for the flower hat project I will also be teaching:

I hope to have a few more hat designs to post soon. Thinking about hats I was reminded of a paper bag hat assignment I created a few years back for elementary school students.

Below is my son in one of the sample hats I created for this project.

This project was inspired by Outside artist Moses. Images of his work are here:

Other people inspired by his work:

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