Friday, February 18, 2011

The Awesome Foundation

In my attempts to find ways to fund the street banner project in Alum Rock, San Jose, I have been lucky to get a lot of feedback on how to both approach "crowd funding" better and other online grant opportunities. A friend told me about the Awesome Foundation and with a name like that, how can you not check it out! I applied a few weeks ago and will see what happens.

I had an interview with a writer of the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers a few weeks ago and they may be running a story after the 25th. I hope so as it could drive up visits to my Kickstarter:

Next Wednesday I will be giving a second round grant pitch for the banner project to the Donor Circle for the Arts, a grant provided by funders of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. I will be presenting with two others: a teacher from Alum Rock and a representative of the Alum Rock Education Foundation. This is an unusual stage setting and only three minutes to present. I have a lot of work cut out to make an engaging presentation...we are the last presenters of the evening and I know the donors will be so exhausted from listening to all the presenters at that point.

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