Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project Selvage

I just received an email notice that Spoonflower is teaming up with Michael Miller Fabrics to present Project Selvage, a competition in which the winner will go on to sign a contract with Michael Miller and produce a collection of fabrics to debut at the Fall Quilt Market in October 2011. The theme of this competition is baby boy prints. They are accepting entries from today through March 24th. On March 31st, they will announce the 75 finalists chosen by judges from Michael Miller and Spoonflower and you'll have a chance to vote for the designs that will go on to the final round.

Michael Miller Fabrics has nice contemporary designs, but the contest site does not reflect the artistry or sophistication and whimsy of their collections. It was kind of a turn off to see the goofy illustration on the project site. The project homepage would look a lot better without this image. At any rate, having conducted an online textile project last year, I am interested in seeing how this project goes. I think it may be a wonderful opportunity for artists to enter in the profession of textile design.


  1. i like the illustrations. Made me laugh! I found them adorable and imaginative. I hope I can dip into some of that inner imagination for me while I think of what to design. I have two girls... so this will be a challenge, but one I look forward to. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERS!

  2. I also like the illustrations, and happen to know for a fact that the person who drew them is a hard working fabric designer for Michael Miller. Needless to say the spontaneous project site may not be a complete reflection of M.M., but who says it has to be? I think anyone who is serious about this contest will automatically know to do some research and check out the M.M. official website. ;)

  3. Yes, you are right, the project is so interesting that one cannot help but check out all the is on the Michael Miller site. I think the contest is an innovative collaboration and a great opportunity for artists. I love all the Spoonflower contests and enjoy being a part of their huge community of textile lovers(specifically their flickr forum)and am glad to see them paring with more and more textile related companies in such projects.

    Looking forward to seeing the finalist works!

  4. You would think as a past illustrator I would have more sensitivity to how I phrase things. I do not usually receive comments right away on my blog postings so the above two comments gave me pause this evening and I just reread what I initially wrote and realize how harsh my comments regarding the illustration came off. I apologize to the illustrator. It is a cute drawing and regardless of my opinion of its suitability, I should have shown more tack in my phrasing of my opinion.