Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Final Touches to Neuron Kimono

Yesterday and today I am working on final touches to the kimono for pediatric neurological center in Boston. I added the large yellow neurons which really help the composition, I think. They are covered in wrappers and then with yellow cotton fabric. They are attached to the sculpture with fishing line and wire.

The piece is starting to look like the original sketch. I did make some modifications such as enlarging the blue neurons in the center sweep and I reduced the size of the orange right hand curved area.

I attached the yellow fabric with
YES glue. Below are the different glues and glazes I use.

Next, I am adding the "Bling" of bits of recycled jewelry donated to
me by my son's school's principal, Vivian Franklin. Last year she gave me a plastic tub filled with her mothers jewelery. I love using objects that have had a past life.

Here is a detail of the jewelry added.

I have added sushi grass to the green trim area along with scraps of beautiful sheer silk from Colleen Quen Couture. She graciously gave me some of her remnant fabrics.

Emily is enjoying experimenting with the materials in my studio. She has also been helping me tear and cut up the wrappers and manga that I add to the sculpture.

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