Monday, July 14, 2008

Prepping Paper Pulp for Palo Alto Libraries

Tomorrow I start a two day workshop at Mitchell Library in Palo Alto. Today, with the help of Emily, I prepared the recycled paper pulp.

I use Magnolia Editions paper making supplies.
Retention aid fixes the color to pulp and the formation aid is a coagulant that helps make thinner sheets. The formation aid needs to be prepped the day before so I made it today and will add it tomorrow to the vats. Today I added the dyes to the pulp and placed the pulp in ziplog bags.

Tomorrow the students will add inclusions to the paper vats. They
will tear up Japanese manga comics and Asian food wrappers to add to the pulp. Some papers will be shredded in a blender before they are added to the vats.

I created an instructional sheet for how to pull the sheets of paper.

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