Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dearly Beloved Forever Red Wine Label

I was in Trader Joe's the other day and saw this beautiful wine bottle and just had to buy it. I am searching for who the artist is as some one in the store told me that the design was created by a San Francisco Bay Area Artist. This Dia de los Muertos inspired bottle is so lovely and the wine is pretty good, too. Currently this wine is only sold at Trader Joe's so I may be stocking up on it. If you know who the artist is, please send me a post. I would love to include a link to the artist's page. I hope that Trader Joe's makes a poster of this design!


  1. YES! I'm looking for more information as well! I wanted to see if I could get this on a Tshirt, hat or anything. Wanted to find their website but I've searched and searched and cannot find any listing in Ukiah or Mendocino. I love this design and I'd even get it as a tattoo!!!

  2. Is there anywhere else you can but this wine? Trader Joe's says they no loner carry it! :( I cant seem to find it anywhere online either.

    1. Stranger & Stranger, a British design agency did the label. Their other work is delightful, too. See here:

  3. Thanks, Marc, for answering my question! This is still my favorite wine label!