Sunday, October 30, 2011

Library 2.0 Worldwide Virtual Conference

On Wednesday at noon I will be presenting the Slot Shelters Project in the Library 2.0 Worldwide Virtual Conference. This will be the first time I have presented using Blackboard Collaborate. Here is the link to the conference schedule of presentations.  I tested out converting my Powerpoint slides to a Whiteboard document in a vRoom at Learning Central and I finally got it working after switching to another computer, so think I am almost set. I am looking forward to listening and participating in other sessions of the conference that day.

In the evening of that same day, I will be presenting the You Are Here Street Banner Project at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for the Rambus/KCI Innovation Award Ceremony as I will be a representative from last year's program. Here is information on the inspiring winners of this year's  Rambus/KCI Innovation Award for 2011.

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