Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Claymation Day Seven

Today we recorded the final voices. Some children were quite shy speaking into the microphone and I can understand why as this is not a natural or familiar thing to do. There are only two audio files I need to really work with more. I hope to insert those tomorrow. They did a great job with all these new experiences and challenges. Each child spoke a sentence or two about what thinking outside the box means. The average length was five seconds of audio per child. This fit pretty well with their animations. I used the freeware, Audacity, for the sound recording and editing.

Next week on June 2nd I'll be going back to show the children their movie. This weekend I'll be burning 31 or so DVD's for the students (29 students, teacher and The Alum Rock Education Foundation). I'll also be burning DVD's for the student guitar ensemble that will be providing the music track.
Here is the animation so far. The music will be the next element added:

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