Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Two of Animation Workshop

Before animation class today I stopped over at Olivera Egg Ranch to pickup donated egg cartons for the children's clay parts. I had contacted the egg ranch on Friday and they set aside 30 cartons for me. It was very conveient as they are just three miles away from the school. It was great to have these as they don't take up much room and the kids could set in the parts and see the sequencing from frame to frame.

Above: Ms. Illa's clay parts for the transition of a cube to a snail to a star.

First we reviewed vocabulary and concepts from Class 1 and then it was time to hand out the clay. It took me a while to get all the start and end cubes set up for each child and the sequencing from one child to another documented but once they got started they were really focused and had fun. You just can't have a bad time with bright clay! They had a blast creating their little creatures and objects. They enjoyed using the pasta maker and the clay extruder tool I purchased specifically for their claymation. Tomorrow they will be completing their tween clay parts and hopefully some will begin filming.

Above: Pasta Maker. It will never see pasta. It will always be a dedicated clay tool.

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