Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matador Jacket

I have been working on a wire matador jacket for (I am embarrassed to say) maybe four years now. It is one of those projects that I just haven't seemed able to complete. But now I am so close to finishing it and I am happy for all that I learned in the long journey to make it. The saga of this has led me to using a different technique for twisting my wire. I now use a drill. I was in a jewelery maker critique group that really encouraged me to start using this method. There was also a precursor to this piece and here it is below.
FIRST ATTEMPT. This was set aside and saved only for reference.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you rework a piece you need to set it aside and just start over. That is what I did with this project. I took a deep breath and started over. Good lesson there. Sometimes something I give up on is so amazingly frustrating and horrible that I just need to save it to show my students how we all need to start over sometimes. I haven't been able to show this lesson yet as I haven't completed my second attempt yet! But I am looking forward to making the comparison as I feel the second attempt is much better.

SECOND ATTEMPT in progress. In this piece the view is from the back of the jacket. All the wire is twisted with a drill. The proportions and form are more accurate.

In the process of researching Traje de Luces (suit of lights) I met my friend Charlotte Kruk who was also making a matador jacket. In addition to the jacket, she made a cape, hat and pants...all from from M&M wrappers. You can see her jacket here:

Detail of my matador jacket:

Above: beads I will incorporate into the piece.

This jacket's owner has been patiently waiting for its completion. He is an amazing hair and make up artist who created the looks for the de Young Museum fashion show reception I had in December 2008. You can see some of the hair and make up he created for this event here:
His name is Armando and here is his site, Get Your Do Up:

Above and below: Some shots I took of Armando working on a fashion shot in photographer George R. Young's studio last Fall. Model is the lovely artist Stacie Tamaki.

Below: Hair design Armando created for fashion shoot.

The final images were used in postcards for the de Young Museum. Note: the hat band was redesign after this shoot as I realized it was hurting Stacie's forehead. I created a much better design and am glad I did as now my hats can be worn by dancers as well. Stacie was so patient to sit for hours and hour. She and Armando arrived at my house to create hair and make up before 6:00 am. The photo shoot ended at noon. They were amazing! I hope to complete Armando's jacket in the next month. It will need a bit more wirework, the beads added and a black velvet backed frame, I think.

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