Friday, May 29, 2009

Horace Cureton Thinking Outside The Box Animation

We are slowly finalizing the Thinking Outside the Box animation. I hope to have it completed this weekend so that I can burn copies for each student. This morning I started the online application process for the International Student Media Festival. Below is the animation with voice and music. The music here is a test performance and I inserted it just to see how the pacing fits in. I though it might feel slow, but I think it is just right. I had to splice the music (in the dog to girl sequence) and know that I need to do it a bit better. Anyway, these guitarists are elementary and junior high school students who meet every Saturday at JSP Guitar and Sound Studio in Sunnyvale.

Horace Cureton will be showing it to their student on the 11th. I think they did a great job.


  1. Wow es una de esas cosas bonitas que uno no se espera con esos materiales! Super cool!

  2. Mucias Gracias, Kuroi,

    Si son materiales humildes, no? La animacion casi esta completado. Hay algunos sonidos en algunos de los audio tracks que necisito eliminar. Espero que cada estudiante pueda ver una animacion en el cine ahora con ojos nuevos y pueda imiginar una profession como animator.

    Gracia otra vez por mirando a la animacion y por sus palabras!