Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Three of Claymation

Today the students finished up their tween frames and eight students shot their animation sequences. Here are all of the animations filmed today. I will play with the speed a bit later but wanted to get the animation up so that the children could see it. Each sequence was roughly 16 frames. I will have two cameras on tripods and two stages tomorrow so that we can film twice as much in one day. (Thanks Melanie for lending my your digital camera and tripod!)

Here is the first group of three rotating through the roles of animator, director, and camera person. On Thursday I will be back at Horace Cureton to film more and will start the sound recording of the voices. I was looking at my project outline last night and realized that I was over ambitious in what we could accomplish in eight classes. In re evaluation I have decide to eliminate the set design component and the importing of the images into Premiere Elements. I will demo to them how I do this at the end of the classes, though.

The egg cartons are working out great.

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