Saturday, May 9, 2009

Second Water Tapestry for San Jose Quilt Museum

Above: wire work and painter's tape making where mesh will go.

I have completed the rough background for the second water themed banners. This one uses blue mesh donated from Walker Bags of San Francisco and some recycled blue plastic bags. These four large tapestries will be part of a visitor participatory project and semi permanent installation for the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. The visitor component will happen during the Sub Zero Festival in Downtown San Jose on June 5th (6pm to midnight).

Below: Tape marking off areas to add mesh to. Illustrator file print out of design.

Below: I have begun hand sewing the mesh on with fishing line. I am not using thread as it would rot and be more fragile for this exterior banner project. I keep making the mistake of putting the needle and fishing thread in my mouth as I normally do in hand stitching...mistake. The fishing line is treated with something that irritates my mouth (a numbing agent for fish?..I have no idea). Anyway, that combined with my now pretty blistered hands from intensive wire work make me think, wow, this is what we mean suffering for our art!

The blue plastic trash bags are stitched on from the back.

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